I’m a two-time cancer survivor and dad of kids with chronic diseases, so when Donald Trump tried to rip away people’s health care, I was inspired to run for Congress to stop him and fight for Medicare for All.

When I got to Washington, I didn’t settle for incremental change. I was raised to fight for justice, and I’ve always championed bold policies. The pandemic and the disparities it highlighted have made me all the more eager to go back to Congress and keep fighting for the fundamental change we need. I will never waver in doing what is right, whether it’s standing up to insurance companies and Big Pharma as a Medicare for All champion, corporate interests as a union organizer, or oppressive forces at home and abroad as a human rights activist. 


We need decisive, creative, effective leaders fighting for our families in this moment, and I have the background and record to show that I am that leader.  I would be honored to earn your vote.

— Andy


Let’s organize a movement to restore the dignity and value of work and defend the rights of all — uniting everyone who has to get up and go to work every day to demand that policy decisions focus on putting money in working people’s pockets.

Photo of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, MA

"[Andy] brings so much powerfully important experience to Congress — from union organizing and workforce policy to green energy entrepreneurship and human rights advocacy."


Andy’s proud to have earned endorsements from labor unions across the district, local and national leaders and organizations fighting for workers, justice, human rights and peace.

SEIU 925 Logo.png
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

"We chose to endorse [Andy] because we know, as a product of the labor movement, he will represent our Union members’ interests when it comes to those issues."

Congressional Progressive Caucus

"[Andy] draws on a lifetime of activism in the labor, human rights and climate movements to craft policy that puts working families first every single time."

Andy's Priorities

Together, we can create a more perfect union where every one of us has access to universal health care with Medicare for All, a quality public education, affordable child care, a family-sustaining job, a strong union, a dignified retirement and a liveable, peaceful planet.


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